Ken Mar Papillon

Purchase Application

Ken Mar Papillon considers our dogs as family. We take great care in placing the right dog with the right person. We welcome prospective buyers to our home to see our dogs. We encourage people to visit the puppies before they are ready to go to their new home. We want you to know the commitment you are making, we want you to be happy and the dog to be happy.

Please fill this out and send it back.

1. Name


Phone number



2. How where you referred to Ken Mar Papillon’s ?

3. What sex and age do you prefer?

4. Why do you want a Papillon?

5. Do you want a pet, obedience, or a conformation dog?

6. Do you have any other pets in the home?

7. Do you have a color preference?

8. Do you have children? If yes what ages?

9. About how much time a day will the dog be left alone?

10. Where will the dog be confined while you are not home?

11. Where will the dog sleep?

12. Please describe the area where the dog will be allowed to go potty? If you have a yard describe the type of fencing or enclosure.

13. Who will feed and care for the dog?

14. Do you have any questions?

Ken Mar II
Helen Angle
12021 N 30th St
Phoenix, Arizona 85028