Ken Mar II

Pet Sales Contract

This conditional contract is entered into on this _______________month ________day __________________year.

To Buyers:




The subject of this contract is a Papillon:



Litter number___________________________________

AKC reg number______________________________________

Sire_______________________________________________________________________________AKC number_______________________________

Dam______________________________________________________________________________ AKC number_______________________________

Said dog/bitch has been sold to the buyer for the cash sum of ______________________

Full amount received ________________month _________________day __________________year.

AKC registration papers will either be given with the said dog/bitch or be transferred to the buyer upon their receipt from the AKC if they are still being processed.

If a puppy back is part of the purchase price the buyer and the seller must agree on the stud. If it cannot be agreed on the seller has final choice. The buyer will pay all expenses. This will be initialed by both parties if a "puppy back" is part of the contract.

Seller________________________________________ Buyer__________________________________

The seller will replace said dog/bitch if it is found to have an inherited health problem that causes death or makes the puppy unsuitable as a pet. Buyer must provide documentation from a Licensed Veterinarian (at buyers expense) as proof.

The buyer agrees and binds him/herself to take take good and reasonable car of dog/bitch, feed and house the dog properly, control the dog/bitch when off the home premises and to control the dog/bitch properly on premises to avoid loss by theft, running away or otherwise. To properly give or secure the best attention to the physical welfare of the dog/bitch by having periodical fecal exams and worming when necessary and will see that he/she receives DHL booster shot and necessary rabies and parvo vaccine. The teeth will need to be watched to insure that puppy teeth fall out and to insure proper adult bite. The buyer (at their expense) will have a veterinarian pull retained puppy teeth.

The buyer agrees not to sell any puppy produced by said dog/bitch to any pet shop or dealer.

Any changes or modifications to this contract shall be made in writing signed by both parties and attached hereto. No verbal agreement of any kind shall change or alter this contract. Any breach of this contract forfeits buyer's ownership of this dog/bitch and said dog/bitch will be returned to the breeder (seller) at the buyer's expense.

This contract is fully agreed upon by:

Buyer______________________________________________________________________ date_________________________________________