Ken Mar II

Stud Service Contract

Papillon bitch______________________________________________________________________________(full reg. name),

registration number_________________________________, to be bred to Papillon stud dog___________________________________________________,

registration number____________________________________.

Stud fee of $___________ to be paid when bitch is sent for breeding.

The stud service is guaranteed a return stud service if less than one live puppy is born, provided the bitch has the same ownership and the stud dog is still living and under the same ownership.

Signed__________________________________________(stud owner) Date____________________________________.

To be read and signed by owner or co-owner of the bitch:

I testify that the above named bitch has been kept confined and inaccessible to all male dogs from the on set of her season and when the above named male owner returns her to me following service. I agree to keep her confined and inaccessible to all other male dogs until she is completely out of season.

I understand that the owner or the above stud dog will exercise care and precaution for the health, safety and welfare of the above bitch but that she is not liable for illness,accident, injury, theft, loss or death to the above bitch while she is in her care. In the event of illness or injury of the above bitch I understand I will be contacted by telephone as soon as possible regarding my wishes for her treatment. In an emergency situation (or if I can not be reached by phone) I authorize the owner of the stud dog to take her to a licensed veterinarian for treatment. I also understand that I will pay all veterinarian fees for my bitch. The bitch owner agrees not to sell any puppies resulting from this breeding to and pet shops or dealers.

Signed__________________________________________________(owner of bitch) Date___________________________________



My Papillon stud dog_____________________________________________________________(full reg name) registration number____________________

serviced the above name Papillon bitch_________________________________________________________________(full reg name) on the ________ of

______________________ 20_______

Signed____________________________________________ date______________________

A $2.00 a day boarding fee will be charged on return service, not to exceed $25.00 to the cost of care for the above bitch during re breeding.